This content is dedicated to our next version. It is work in progress: its content will evolve until the new version is released.

Before that time, it cannot be considered as official.

Release notes

The 2023.2 version is in development.

New available values

Bonita Runtime

User session sharing between nodes (Cluster)

When configuring a Bonita cluster (Enterprise and Performance editions only), HTTP sessions are now shared between all the nodes of the cluster. As a result, the load balancer no longer needs to be configured to use sticky sessions. If a node becomes unavailable, and a user request to this node fails, the user won’t need to log back in as their session will remain active. The load balancer will dispatch the new requests to the other nodes.

Development suite

Bonita UI Designer

Functionnal changes

REST API and file upload

When using the end point portal/fileUpload to upload a file before using it in Bonita REST API or a REST API extension, the size of the file that can be uploaded is now limited to 25MB. This can be changed in the configuration file using the setup tool, but be aware that this will affect upload limit for all users.

Feature deprecations and removals

Legacy custom connectors and actor filters

Since Bonita Studio 2021.2 it was not supported anymore to create custom connectors or actor filters in a Bonita project. Using the project composition with Maven extensions is the recommended way to integrate custom extensions.
In this version, those deprecated custom extensions are removed from the project when importing a .bos file or cloning a Git repository from an older version.
If you were coming from an older version of Bonita Studio with those custom connectors and actor filters, it will be required to migrate them into a separate Maven project using the dedicated archetypes. Visit their repsective documentation pages for connectors and actor filters.

Provided Groovy classes

Deprecated since 2021.1, BonitaUsers, BonitaSql, BonitaXML and BonitaTypes Groovy classes are no more available. You may use suggested code templates in the Groovy script expression editor instead.

Configuration changes

Runtime property renaming

In order to improve Bonita property naming coherence, a work is in progress to change some property names. In this release, the following properties have been renamed:

  • bonita.tenant.session.duration has been renamed to bonita.runtime.session.duration. If you happened to customize this property, please update it in file (The old property is still supported but will be removed in a later version)