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Convert a Bonita WildFly installation into a Bonita Tomcat installation

Learn how to convert a Bonita installation based on WildFly to a one based on Tomcat


Bonita 7.10 does not provide nor support WildFly anymore. As a consequence, it is necessary when updating Bonita to version 7.10 or superior to convert the installation so that it works the same way under tomcat.

Conversion steps to Bonita Tomcat bundle

  • unzip the last Bonita Tomcat bundle 7.10+

  • configure setup/ to point to the same database server as WildFly did (it should be the exact same file)

  • run setup/ pull to retrieve the current configuration from database

  • update your license file by putting the new one into setup/platform_conf/licenses (and by removing any old license file)

  • run setup/ push to update the new license file (and optional changed configuration) to the database

  • start your new Bonita Tomcat bundle with ./

Specific configuration

If you are using specific configuration that you set up in file wildfly/server/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml, report your equivalent configuration into Tomcat.
For instance, if you use Bonita datasource connector, and you configured it to access to a datasource defined in WildFly standalone.xml file, report your datasource configuration in Tomcat file server/conf/Catalina/localhost/bonita.xml.
Be aware that the JNDI name of the datasource does not have the same prefix: java:jboss/datasources/ from WildFly, for java:comp/env/ Tomcat.