Bonita Continuous Delivery

The Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD) offer provides tools to setup Continuous Delivery practice for your Bonita Living Application development and deployment.

BCD lets you build a Living Application from source code in a repository and deploy the generated artifacts, all from the command line.

Bonita Continuous Delivery Capabilities

Basic concepts

BCD offer has evolved now into two Java command-line interfaces (CLI) which allow to build and deploy Bonita Living Applications. You will be able to download the latest versions of the CLIs from our Bonita Artifact Repository and then integrate the execution in your developer and CI pipelines.

BCD features do not require docker anymore. Usage is therefore greatly simplified. The only remaining prerequisites are Java and Maven installed on the host running the CLIs.


For both CLIs you can have a look at the exec-maven-plugin to include build and/or deploy step in the bonita project build lifecycle. (starting from version 7.13.x, a bonita project is a maven project)
Currently you should consider the maven aspect as a black box, because the studio perform some instrumentation of the project’s pom.xml file, but advanced users can still take advantage of the maven aspect of the project.