Bonita Continuous Delivery Add-on

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The Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD) add-on provides a solution to use Continuous Delivery practice for your Bonita Living Application development and deployment.

BCD lets you build a Living Application repository and deploy the generated artifacts from the command line. Besides, a pre-configured standalone Jenkins CI environment is also provided as an integration sample with BCD.

Bonita Continuous Delivery Capabilities

Basic concepts

This add-on provides a bcd command-line interface (BCD CLI) which enables to build and deploy Bonita Living Applications

The BCD CLI is provided within a ready-to-use environment called BCD Controller. This environment is packaged as a Docker image.
Then a controller container will have to be started interactively on your control host from which bcd commands will be issued.

It is highly recommended to have a clear understanding of Docker essential concepts prior to reading this documentation.