Using Bonita Studio

Learn how to efficiently use Bonita Studio


Here is the default Studio structure:

  • a top, main menu

  • a "coolbar" with generic features

  • a "project explorer" displaying the main elements of the project, and providing actions to open them or create new ones.

  • a tabs area with all the files you are currently working on

  • a "Problems" area to keep an eye on what needs to be fixed before deployment

  • a dedicated Git section when the current project is shared with Git.

Each tab contains some specific areas to interact with.
You can play with the organization of the tabs and areas. If you get lost, use the "View > Reset view" menu option to come back to default.

Welcome page

The Welcome page is displayed upon the first opening of the Studio.
It gives access to a lot of resources to help you during the lifetime of the project.
The welcome page can be opened at any time from the Help menu.

Project overview

The project overview is accessible from the Studio coolbar. It provides an overview of the different elements of your project and those you can use to create a state-of-the-art Bonita project.

From the overview, you can access the extension view of your project.


The "Preferences" icon in the studio’s coolbar allows a full set of configurations. Find the list and how to use them in Bonita Studio preferences

Open a recently modified diagram

To see a list of recently modified diagrams without having to go to the Welcome page, go to the File menu and choose Recently modified.
A submenu of the last ten diagrams you have modified is displayed. Click the name of a diagram to open it.

Drawing processes

To learn how to draw a process, go to the Getting started tutorial, or read this documentation page.