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Living Applications

This page explains what a Living Application is, what it is made of, and how you can create your own applications.

A Living Application is a navigation of pages that can be accessed by a Profile.
It is created and operated within Bonita Platform: created with Bonita Studio and UI Designer, deployed with Bonita Continuous Delivery, run by Bonita Runtime.

Its purpose is to display and structure the right information and provide the right controls at the right time to the profiles, so they can efficiently perform their tasks.

Graphically, an application is made of a navigation menu and a set of pages. In some of the pages, some controls, like -"Validate" or "Reject" buttons- are directly linked to processes and execute tasks in the background. Others -like "New request" or "Add additional information"- open forms that, once submitted start a new process instance, or execute a task.
Bonita allows you to create different types of applications.

Structurally, an application is made of various elements. Some are directly linked to the application (name, token, navigation), others are referenced (layout, pages, profiles, theme). They are all assembled in the application descriptor.

Bonita comes with four Bonita Applications.

We encourage our users to create their own custom applications so as to create the best user experience for their specific use-cases.
The application can be put together by the citizen developer or a professional developer.
You just need to make sure that all the elements have been developed before you can use them in the application descriptor.
For testing purposes, Bonita provides a layout and several themes, before you create your own.

The resources

Starting the development of an application from scratch may not be the most efficient way to go. If your project implies:

  • That a user picks tasks in a tasklist made of all processes, you may want to try and use or customize our Bonita User Application

  • That an administrator-like user monitors the health of process execution and fixes the potential errors, you may want to try and use or customize our Bonita Administrator Application

  • Specific pages showing specific business data, you may want to borrow a project created by a Community member and customize it

  • Adaptive Case Management, with non-sequential parts in the processes to let the knowledge workers' expertise decide which tasks to do and which ones to skip for a dedicated case, you may check our ACM example