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Custom User Information Management

This page explains what a user with the Administrator profile in Bonita Portal or in the Bonita Administrator Application can see and do with custom information created at development time about the users.

Administrators can view and update Custom User Information.

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Custom User Information (CUI) account for additional information than the provided information defined in Bonita Studio to describe users. This may be needed to define the right actors for a human task. Each CUI is defined in Bonita Studio organization, and used in the specific Users with custom information provided actor filter in Bonita Studio.
CUIs are also displayed in the Bonita Administrator Application, in the More page of a user.
This allows the Administrator to edit the values of a CUI for a given user, and by this means change the actor mapping.
The Administrator cannot create a CUI nor edit a CUI definition.

if no customer user definitions are set in Bonita Studio, then no information will be displayed in the Bonita Administrator Application.
However, definitions can be created and edited using the Web REST API.
The Organization .xml file can also be exported from Bonita Administrator Application, modified by hand externally, and then re-imported back into Bonita Administrator Application, although we strongly advise to always modify resources from the development environment and then deploy iteratively on the test environments until the Production environment.

View / Edit custom information for a user

  1. Go to Organization/Users.

  2. Click on a user.

  3. Click on More.

  4. Click on Custom information.

  5. In the information to edit, enter a value for the definition (defined in Bonita Studio), which will only be added to this user.

  6. Click Update custom information.

Note that changing the value will modify the filtering and may map the user to different tasks.