This content is dedicated to our next version. It is work in progress: its content will evolve until the new version is released.

Before that time, it cannot be considered as official.

Release notes

The 2022.2 is in development.

New values added


Development suite changes

A new first-start flow for the Studio

When launched for the first time, the Studio will no longer start a default project. The goal is to make this first start less cumbersome. To increase user guidance, the Welcome page has been improved to have clear call-to-action buttons.

Bonita Marketplace - Display installed extension

To help users' awareness on the extensions installed in their project while browsing the Bonita Marketplace, a new filter was added to display the already installed extensions.

Detecting issue with extension when importing them

With the previous version, you could import malformed extensions in your project without any warnings. This would lead to errors downstream and confusion for users. From now, when importing or updating an extension the Studio will detect the issues and inform the user.

Improved guidance when the actor mapping is not defined

With the previous version, if the actor mapping of a process wasn’t defined an unclear error message would be displayed to the user. To help our users move forward with the deployment of their processes, we’ve improved the error detection to provide a clear message when this issue occurs.

New Menus for the Studio

To simplify the usage of the Studio, the menus have been reviewed.

Functional changes

Case info REST API resource- Subscription editions

Case info bpm/caseInfo REST API resource which is used for process and case visualization (Subscription edtions features) is now only available in subscription editions.

For Community users who update to 2022.2, if you need this API resource, you can create a REST API extension that leverage the engine java API to get the same functionality as in 2022.1.

Technical updates

UI Designer frontend has been migrated to AngularJS 1.8.

Only the UID application has been upgraded to AngularJS 1.8. Your application are still generated with AngularJS 1.3. Stay tune for upgrade of this part.

Feature deprecations and removals


SVN integration in Bonita Studio Subscription has been removed. You may migrate an existing SVN repository to a Git repository following this guide.

Bug fixes

Known issues