Monitor open cases

This page describes the "Monitor open cases" page in the Bonita Administrator Application.
In this page, Administrators and Process Managers can have a complete view of the sanity of the BPM operations, filter by process, access the process visualization and case details of a process.

For Enterprise, Performance and Efficiency editions only.

Starting with Bonita 2022.2, bpmn-visualization library of Bonita’s Process Analytics project has been integrated in process and case visualization diagram.

Here is a view of the Monitoring page Monitoring

Go to BPM> Monitoring for Administrator and Monitoring for Process Manager. The Monitor open cases page is displayed, with the following summary information:

  • Number of cases with failure

  • Number of healthy cases

  • Number of open cases

  • A table of open cases

You can filter the table to show only a specified process, or process and version. You can also filter it by process activation state.

Process Managers can see only the processes they manage.

From a row in the table, you can click the List icon to see a list of cases of the process.

You can also open the diagram of a process, by clicking on the Picture icon for the process. On the diagram, you can see the number and state of cases in progress at each step.
Put your mouse hover any step to see an explanation of the display.
Zoom in the diagram with either Ctrl+mouse wheel or the zoom buttons. If you are using a Mac with a Magic Mouse, prefer the zoom buttons.
Once zoomed in, you can drag the diagram.
Resize your browser window and click on the Reset button to fit the diagram to your window.

You can customize the diagram page, or embed the BPMN diagram in your own page: see How to customize the display of process execution monitoring.

  • If a process was deployed from a .bar fivisualization diagram contains le created in Bonita Studio 6.3 or earlier, the diagram display is not available. This is because some details of the .bar structure have changed. To see the diagram for such a process, export the process definition from Bonita Studio 6.3 as a .bos file, import it into Bonita Studio 6.4 or later, generate a new .bar file, and deploy it.

  • In the process and case diagram of Bonita 2022.2, you may notice the highlight is missing. This, and other values are under development and will be delivered soon.