Managing Extensions in the Studio

The Bonita platform is highly extensible so we created a dedicated view to manage the extensions of your project

Opening the extensions view

The extensions view is opened from either the project overview or from the coolbar New → extension.

Adding Extensions

From the extension view you can add the following extension to your project:

  • Connectors

  • Actor Filters

  • REST API Extensions

  • Themes

  • Any Java library required for your project

Such extensions can be added through different channels described in the below chapters.

From the Bonita Marketplace

The Bonita Marketplace contains all the extensions provided and supported by Bonitasoft. It is accessible from the extension view.

From a Maven repository

If the extensions you are looking for are available in public or private Maven repositories, use their maven coordinates (group ID, artifact ID & Version) to add them to your project.

You might need to configure your Maven settings to access such repositories. By default, only the Maven central repository is accessible.

From a local file

For extensions that aren’t published in a Maven repository, you can add them from a local file on your computer. Imported extensions are added in the project internal store, an hidden folder in a Bonita project. The internal store is exported with the project (in the .bos archive), and is added to the Git repository of the project.

It is not recommended to add too many dependencies in the internal store, it makes your project heavier. This mechanism should be used to test elements under development, and for the elements that cannot be deployed on a Maven repository.

Removing an extension

Extensions can be removed from the extension view.

Removing an element might lead to errors if the element is used in the project. The Studio tries to detect such impacts and to alert the user before the deletion, but some specific cases cannot be detected, especially for REST API Extension usages.

Updating an extension

Extensions coming from the Bonita Market place can automatically be updated to their latest version. All you need to do is click on "Update to latest version". This button is displayed only if an update is available.

Other extensions can be updated manually with the "Update" button. This button is always displayed and can also be used to downgrade an extension. Depending on the change, you may have to manually update your project consequently.

Detailed extension view

Details are available for extensions of type Connector, Actor filter and REST API Extensions. They contain details on the content and the usages of the extension, and can be accessed by clicking on the extension title.