Log in and log out

This page explains how to log in and log out of the Bonita User Interfaces.

Note: to avoid login problems, make sure you empty your browser cache.

Log in

A user may receive an email with a link to start a case or do a task in Bonita User Application, or a custom application. Or a user wants to check the status of the task list in Bonita User Application, or business data and operations in a custom application.
Or an administrator needs to perform monitoring or maintenance on the Bonita Platform.
For any of this, they need to log in. To do so:

  1. Enter the login page URL. (The default port number is 8080.)

    • For Bonita User Application: http://``hostname:port`/bonita/apps/userApp`.

    • For Bonita Administrator Application:

      • For the Enterprise edition: http://``hostname:port`/bonita/apps/adminAppSP`

      • For the Community edition: http://``hostname:port`/bonita/apps/adminApp`

        • For a custom application: http://``hostname:port`/bonita/apps/yourAppName`.

  2. In the fields, enter the username, and the password

  3. Click on the Login button.

The default application is the Bonita Application Directory. From there, the user can navigate to their other profiles.
Each application is mapped to one profile. A user can navigate between the applications they have the permissions to access.

Log out

For an application:

  1. Click on the first name last name or avatar in the application header

  2. Click on Sign out

Sign out

Note: in a system that uses a solution to provide single sign-on (with SAML, CAS, etc…​), the administrator can remove the logout option. In this case, to log out of an application, you must log out of the SSO system or close your browser.