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User task list


Starting with Bonita 7.3, users benefit from a configurable task list, to manage tasks involving human actors from all processes in a more efficient fashion. This page is also made available as a custom page in Bonita Portal > Resources, to be used in any application or custom profiles, for users types of profiles.

Here are the values of the user task list:

  • Default Master/Detail design pattern, to view list and form in the same screen

  • Panel expand feature, to display wide forms in a large modal window

tasklist elements

tasklist popup

  • List settings: number of tasks in a page, choice of columns, columns ordering

  • Easy access to case information, one tab away from the form. This case information is the case overview page, that the development team can customize

  • Easy access to case comments, also one tab away from the form or case information

tasklist settings and tabs

  • Alternate "full width" list, with task information displayed in a large modal window

tasklist fullpage

This list also leverages two legacy features (prior to Bonita 7.3.0):

The task list also contains a Done tasks filter, for the user to check if the task has been completed properly.

Since Bonita 7.3.0, creating subtasks is no longer possible. However, if subtasks have been created in a process instance in an old Bonita version, and if the Bonita Platform has been migrated to a later version while the case was open, then the subtasks will still be visible to the users assigned, and users will still be able to complete them.