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Diagram overview

A diagram is the representation in the Bonita studio of a group of processes (BPMN pools). A diagram saved, deployed all pools in one action

A diagram has a name and a version number. You can change the diagram name and you can update the version number whenever you want to indicate a major change in the diagram. A pool also has a version number that can be updated manually.
There is no link between the diagram version and the pool version.

How to create a new diagram

To create a new diagram in Bonita Studio, choose New from the Diagram menu or the Cool bar, or click New Diagram on the Welcome page. Give your diagram a name, and optionally set the version number and add a description.
You can also turn on or off validation of your diagram. If validation is on, any errors in your diagram structure are flagged with a red x icon. This helps you correct errors as you build your diagram, instead of correcting them all at the end.

To open an existing diagram, choose Open from the Diagram menu or the Cool bar, click Open a Diagram on the Welcome page, or double-click the diagram name in the Recently Modified list on the Welcome page.

The Diagram menu contains options for saving a diagram. You can also duplicate a diagram, which is a useful way of making a backup copy of a diagram before you make major changes.