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Using Alfresco with Bonita

Bonita allows you to connect Alfresco ECM content platform.

Alfresco connectors has been deprecated in favor of CMIS connectors.

Connecting to Alfresco

Bonita Studio contains connectors for Alfresco 3.4 and Alfresco 4.2. For each version, there are the following connectors:

  • Delete an item by ID (folder, file, etc)

  • Delete folder by path (delete a folder and its contents)

  • Create a folder by path

  • Upload a file to a destination folder

Notes for using these connectors:

  • WARNING: There is a conflict between libraries provided with the Alfresco connector and libraries provided by other connectors or the platform itself if you use a data of type Object.
    When you configure a process that uses the Alfresco connector, you must manage the jar files.

  • To delete a folder, it must be empty.

  • In the path, all parameters have to be URL Encoded. Spaces are not allowed. For example: /User Homes/user has to be written /User%20Homes/user.