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Hardware and software requirements

This page describes the suggested hardware and software requirements to install Bonita platform.


The hardware recommended for Bonita Platform is strongly dependent on your environment and processes (number of processes instances, number of current users, operations and complexity…​).

Hardware required for Bonita Platform (Bonita Engine and Bonita Portal)

Type Minimum Recommended


4 CPU cores

4 CPU cores or more

Memory (RAM)

4 GB

8 GB or more

Disk space

10 GB

30 GB or more, depending on usage


Software required for Bonita Platform (Bonita Engine and Bonita Portal).


Operating system

Microsoft Windows Server

2016 64 bits

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

8.2 64 bits


8.2 64 bits


18.04 LTS 64 bits

Java Virtual Machine

Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment

8 (deprecated) or 11 (see note 1)


8 (deprecated) or 11 (see note 1)

Application Server

Apache Tomcat

8.5.x (x > 40)


(see note 2)


8.0.14 and higher in the 8.0.x line (see note 3 & 4)


11.2 and higher in the 11.x line

SQL Server



19c ( (see note 5)


Mozilla Firefox

latest version

Google Chrome

latest version

Microsoft Edge

latest version


  1. Bonita can be executed on Java 8 or 11. All development artifacts (connectors, REST API extensions, etc) must be compiled with Java 8 byte code (target version). Bonita 2021.1 (7.12) is the latest version fully compatible with java 8 in production and development environment. JRE or JDK 11+ will be required to run. Bonita 2021.2+ won’t be operated on Java 8.

  2. Memory usage: In a Studio, by default, the embedded Tomcat server is started with a maximum memory allocation set to 512Mo. Depending on your usage you may need to increase this value.

  3. Your database must be configured to use the UTF-8 character set.

  4. MySQL must be configured to use UTF-8, we recommend using utf8mb4 because utf8mb3 is deprecated, see MySQL documentation. MySQL must be configured with innoDB storage engine.

  5. Oracle must be configured using AL32UTF8 character set to store properly all Char data