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Call activity execution

Lean how the engine executes and aborts call activities.


The execution flow to complete a call activity consist of two successive steps:

  • Target process instance completion. Sequence flow:

    • the target process instance is completed

    • it registers a work to execute the parent call activity

    • the target process stays in Completed state

  • Call activity execution:

    • Input data are mapped from the target process outputs (data mapping)

    • Target process is archived and deleted

    • Call activity completes

Abortion (~ same as Cancellation)

The execution flow to abort a call activity is as follows. The cancellation of a call activity is identical, except for the state and method names (CANCELLING instead of ABORTING,CancelledState[...]State instead of AbortedState[...]State, etc.:

  • Call activity is interrupted

    • State category is put to ABORTING

    • A work is registered to execute the call activity

If a work was already queued to execute the call activity, this work should fail (causing a PreconditionException) because the call activity changed in the meantime (stateCategory field of FlownodeInstance changed from NORMAL->ABORTING)

  • Call activity abortion:

    • The method should execute state is called

    • If the target process is still present, it interrupts the target process and put the call activity in state Aborting[...]State

    • If there is no target process, the activity is put in AbortedState[...]State and a work is register to execute this state.

  • Call activity waits for its target process to complete