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How to configure Maven

For Subscription editions only.

This page explains how to configure Maven for developing REST API Extensions. For more information on REST API Extensions, you can read the reference documentation page.

Studio embedded Maven runtime

Bonita Studio uses eclipse m2e technology to interact with maven projects. It means that you don’t need to install maven, it comes out of the box with the Studio.
However, if you need to use a specific Maven version, you can change this settings in the preferences. Go to Edit > Preferences > Eclipse > Maven > Installations and Add…​ a new installation.


When starting Bonita Studio for the first time, Bonita dependencies will be installed in your maven local repository. By default, the local repository is located in <USER_HOME>/.m2/repository.

Mirror configuration

Refer to the offical maven documentation if you need to configure a mirror repository.

Mirror configuration: When setting a mirror using a <mirrorOf>*</mirrorOf> redirection in <USER_HOME>/.m2/settings.xml, add an exception for the studio internal repository id like this: <mirrorOf>*,!studio-internal-repository</mirrorOf> in your settings.xml (do not put spaces in this String, otherwise the exclusion won’t be considered by Maven)

The studio-internal-repository repository is used by the Studio to resolve some dependencies not available in public repositories. Without this exclusion, the REST API Extension build fails because of some missing dependencies.

Proxy configuration

If your provider is restricting Internet access you may configure proxy settings to access to external repositories.

Authenticated HTTPS configuration

If you need to access a repository using authenticated https, check the offical documentation on how to configure the SSL certificate.