This documentation is about a version that is out of support, here is the latest documentation version.

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Bonita installation overview

Description of the different options for Bonita installation.

Bonita exists in several editions: Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, Teamwork, and Community.

For Bonita Subscription editions, you need to install a license during the installation procedure. This license depends on the edition, the deployment environment, the number of cases purchased or the number of cores.

For Bonita Community edition, license is not required.

Bonita Studio

Bonita Studio contains an embedded test platform that includes an Apache Tomcat application server, an h2 database and the Bonita web application (that itself includes Bonita Engine).

To install Bonita Studio you can either use:

  • The installer for your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Used to install Bonita Studio (using a wizard) on your computer. No configuration necessary.

  • The OS independent package. Used to manually set up Bonita Studio. The package contains the individual launchers in one .zip file, and creates the same installation environment as the installers.

To know more, go to Bonita Studio installation.

Bonita Platform

Bonita Platform can be installed in several ways:

  • If you want to migrate an existing installation to the latest version follow the migration guide.

  • If you want to do a fresh install, get our prepackaged bundle that include an Application Server

  • If you want to do a custom installation, see Custom Deployment.

For all options, you will need to configure Bonita Engine to work with the database of your choice (e.g. PostgreSQL or Oracle).

Starting from Bonita 7.3.0, there is no more bonita home to store the configuration, all the configuration is in the database. For more information, take a look at Bonita Platform configuration

For detailed information on the Supported Environment Matrix, see the Support Guide or ask to be contacted by our commercial team.

Bonita Docker image

Bonita Platform can be installed in a docker container using the Bonita docker distribution. Read how to configure and run the container.

Bonita Engine only bonita lab icon

If you only need the execution engine you can integrate it two different ways:

  • Using the Spring boot starter

  • If you are not using Spring boot, it can be integrated programmatically

This mode of installation is currently in Lab mode, see how to embed Bonita Engine.