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Reporting overview

Learn how reporting can be made on application of the Bonita Platform.

For Subscription editions only.


Reporting is the act of collecting and aggregating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to present them in reports.
KPIs are defined as a set of measures that are used to assess the operational success of a business process.

Reporting is also know as Business Intelligence (BI) or Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Reporting dependencies

Reporting involves Bonita and two other third-party software components:

  • A reporting database of your choice.

  • A BI tool of your choice.

Reporting main steps

Reporting is composed in several ordered steps.

At design time:

At execution time:

  1. KPI collection in Bonita Engine and storage in the reporting database (this is performed automatically based on KPI definitions)

  2. Report generation using the BI tool or Bonita Portal