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Using SaleForce with Bonita

SaleForce connectors allow you to interact with Saleforce through Bonita.


Salesforce version 24.0.0

Available Salesforce connectors are:

  • Create Object - Create a Salesforce object (e.g.: Account, Contact)

  • Delete Object(s) - Delete one or several Salesforce object with list of objects identifiers in parameters

  • Query Object - Execute query on Salesforce objects (e.g.: SELECT Name FROM Account)

  • Retrieve Object(s) - Retrieve one or several Salesforce objects

  • Update Object(s) - Updates one Salesforce object with a list of objects identifiers in parameters

Parameters are:

  • Type of object you want to retrieve (e.g.: Account)

  • List of objects identifiers

  • List of fields of the object (e.g.: Name, Phone)

  • Update object - Update a Salesforce object.

Parameters are:

  • Type of object you want to update (e.g.: Account)

  • Object identifier

  • Map of fields of the object to update (e.g.: Name = MyNewName, Phone = 1234)

A Salesforce account is necessary. See the Salesforce web site for details.

All connectors have these required parameters in common:

  • Username

  • Password

  • Security Token (it could be obtained via the Salesforce user interface)

There are also optional parameters:

  • Endpoint: Endpoint URL

  • Authentication endpoint: Endpoint configuration

  • Service endpoint: Service endpoint URL

  • REST endpoint: REST endpoint URL

  • Proxy (if you use a proxy)

  • Proxy port

  • Proxy name

  • Proxy password

  • Timeout: timeout

  • Read timeout