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This page explains how to handle themes in Bonita Applications, and how to use them in an application.

A theme is an archive of files used to define and share CSS definitions and images for an application. It enables you to specify the same style for all pages and layout of an application. Each application can have its own theme, or the same theme can be consistently applied to several applications.

Use in applications

Themes are linked to applications in application descriptors, in Bonita Studio.
A theme can only be associated with an application to define the style. It cannot itself be used as a simple application page.

  • The file contains the metadata for the theme (the name used in the URL, the display name, and a description). For example:

displayName=Default theme
description=Application theme based on Bootstrap "Simplex" theme (see
  • The resources folder must contain at least a CSS file named theme.css.

Any CSS, images or JavaScript files can be shared using a theme resource.

Export the examples to see how to structure a theme.

Using bootswatch for a custom theme

Some of the default themes are based on the bootswatch examples, so you can easily choose another existing theme and package it to define a new theme.

A second way to create a custom theme is starting from a new custom theme in Studio and using a Bootswatch default Sass theme. In order to do this using the version 3.3.7 of Bootswatch:

  • In the custom theme file package.json, add bootswatch in the devDependencies section

    "bootswatch": "3.3.7"
  • In this same file package.json, include the bootswatch path towards the default theme in the scripts/build section

    --include-path ./node_modules/bootswatch/`name-of-default-theme`/
  • In the file src/scss/main.scss, import the variables of the theme before importing bootstrap by adding:

    @import "variables";
  • In the file src/scss/main.scss, import bootswatch after importing bootstrap by adding:

    @import "bootswatch";
  • You can optionally remove the custom src/scss/_bonita_buttons.scss and src/scss/_bonita_pager.scss files, as well as everything except the font paths from src/scss/_bonita_variables.scss. If you remove the custom files, also remove the imports of the files in the file src/scss/main.scss.


A theme can only be associated with an application to define the style. It cannot itself be used as a simple application page.

Themes are added, exported, edited, and deleted as resources in Bonita Administrator Application.
In Non-Production or Production environments, a theme is imported as a .zip archive containing a file and a resources folder.

Live Update

Live update allows the Administrator to update one element of the application in a situation of emergency.

Edit the layout

You can edit the content of a theme by installing a new version.

Modify the pages in an application

You can link another theme to an application in the application descriptor.