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Run a process in Bonita Studio

You can run a process from Bonita Studio. Bonita Studio includes a test environment with all the components required to execute a process.

When you run a process from Bonita Studio it runs on the local Bonita server. The server includes an Java application server (Tomcat), two databases (h2), and Bonita Runtime. Running a process from Bonita Studio is intended for testing during process development.

Before you can run a process, you must configure the process and configure the organization.

To run a process, you can :

  • Right click on the process diagram on the project explorer, and select the process to run from the run menu.

  • Open the process diagram and select the pool, then click Run in the Cool bar. The process in the selected pool runs. Only one pool can be run at a time.

A process can only run in the environment(s) in which it has been configured. If you are using one of the subscription editions, you can select the environment in which to run the process.