Work execution audit

Sometimes it is useful to understand what is currently happening in the platform, in particular for work execution, see Work service mechanism.

This can be achieved using a specific logger called Work execution audit

What can be tracked

Abnormal work execution

The logger produce a Warning each time a work takes too much time to be executed or it was rescheduled too much times.

For theses cases, it also produces an Info log when the work was finally executed.

A reschedule happens when a work can’t be executed right now because some other work already locked the same process instance.

How to activate it

Logging configuration

Enable the logger called BONITA_WORK_AUDIT.EXECUTION in the logger configuration.

Activate and configure the work execution audit

The audit is activated by default, it can be deactivated or reactivated here:

In set flag to true or false

Some properties can be configured, these can be found in the default configuration file under the Work execution audit section