Build Bonita Community edition from the source

Bonita is an opensource Digital Process Automation platform, you can therefore build Bonita Community edition from the source.

All source code of Bonita is available from the Bonitasoft GitHub organization. Each Bonita component has a dedicated repository (e.g. Engine repository).

Manually Bonita build

You can build Bonita from component to component, but you have to know the component interdependencies: some components rely on components that are built earlier in the sequence, so the build order must be respected. For instance, build bonita-engine prior to build bonita-web.


  • Disk space: around 15 GB free space. Around 4 GB of dependencies will be downloaded (sources, 3rd party dependencies, …​). A fast internet connection is recommended.

  • Java JDK 17 and git installed on your machine.

Building Process

This guide covers building Bonita from various repositories. For each component, you’ll find a dedicated page with specific instructions.

Building Order is important. You must build the components in the order specified in the documentation. As some components rely on others, building them in the wrong order may lead to build errors.