REST connectors

Bonita native REST connectors allow to connect Bonita processes to any third-party with REST APIs.


The available REST connectors are:

  • GET: Use the GET HTTP verb to retrieve resources from a third-party

  • DELETE: Use the DELETE HTTP verb to delete resources on a third-party

  • POST: Use the POST HTTP verb to upload data to a third-party

  • POST FILE: Use the POST HTTP verb to upload files to a third-party

  • PUT: Use the POST HTTP verb to update data to a third-party

  • PUT FILE: Use the POST HTTP verb to update files to a third-party

REST connectors support SSL and proxy settings.

Connector Basic Parameters

Parameter name Required information


The REST service URL that identifies the resource

Content Type

The content type used in the payload: application/json, application/octet-stream, application/xml, application/x-www-form-urlencoded, text/html, text/plain, plain/xml


The charset used in the payload (by default UTF-8)


There are two ways to authenticate with a Json token (highly recommended) or with a P12 file


For the PUT FILE and POST FILE connectors, the file to upload or update