Bonita Applications overview

This page describes the Bonita Applications.

They rely on the analysis that four types of personas use process-based applications in a company:

  • the User is responsible of performing the tasks for which they are a candidate and also for starting new instances of the processes to which they have access.

  • the Administrator is responsible for the administration of Bonita at tenant level, and particularly for the management of the processes, the organization, the reports, the custom profiles and the Look & Feel.

  • the Process Manager shares process management responsibilities with the Administrator for the processes he has been declared as the Process Manager.

  • the Technical User is responsible for granting permissions to use Bonita in non-production or production environments by creating users. Sยทhe is also the only person with permissions to manage the maintenance state or BDM update.

Bonita Applications details

Bonita Runtime embeds two types of applications:

  • Core applications: they are critical to the good operation of Bonita in a Production environment. Only their look & feel can be customized:

    • Super Administrator application, the Technical User’s tool to bootstrap Bonita Runtime, manage the maintenance state, and update the BDM

    • Application Directory, that displays the catalog of available applications to the logged user

  • Generic applications: they are fully functional, can be fully customized, but can be deleted if not useful in a Production environment:

    • User , based on a standard BPM usage, centered on a generic tasklist

    • Administrator, allowing the management (monitoring and troubleshooting) of an automation project in production (BDM excepted)

Core applications are installed by default and cannot be removed. Generic applications will be installed on a fresh installation. They can also be downloaded from the Welcome Page of the Studio, in the "Resources" tile.
You may want to do so to create your applications from an example, or to include these applications in your self-contained bonita application (see: xref:build-run:build-application.adoc)

Applications are flexible in two ways:

  • The navigation can be customized: remove the pages that are not needed, add custom pages that are needed.

  • Some pages of those applications have been recreated with Bonita UI Designer (find the list here). This means that you can open and customize the page to make it fit the precise needs of the users. Starting with an existing page accounts for a big gain of time.

Custom Applications

You can also create views that fit users' needs better than the Bonita Applications.
With Bonita 7.0, Living applications have given the possibility to create applications made of custom pages, with their own look & feel. The pages can be created with Bonita UI Designer or with another technology.
To know more about how to create an application, or create an application from a Bonita Application, go to the custom applications page.