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Form API

Form Rest APIs allow to map a form to a process or a task.

Form mapping resource


This resource specifies the mapping of a form to a process or a task. The mapping indicates the technology used to create the form, in the "target" attribute. Possible values are:

  • URL - an external URL

  • INTERNAL - a custom page ID

  • LEGACY - means that the old form application is used for old processes

  • UNDEFINED - when the form is not present in the definition but is required

  • NONE - when there is no form needed for the process instantiation or task execution

Having any UNDEFINED mapping prevents the process from being resolved.


The ID of the form mapping (a long value).


  "id": "_the form mapping identifier (long)_",
  "processDefinitionId": "_the process identifier (long) related to this form mapping_",
  "type": "_the form mapping type (string) - possible value in [PROCESS_START, PROCESS_OVERVIEW, TASK]_",
  "target": "_the target (string) - possible value in [URL, INTERNAL, LEGACY, UNDEFINED, NONE]_",
  "task": "_the task name (string) when type is TASK - null otherwise_",
  "pageId": "_the custom page identifier (long) when type is INTERNAL - null otherwise_",
  "pageMappingKey": "_the page mapping key part (string) used to generate the form URL_",
  "lastUpdateBy": "_the identifier (long) of the user who last updated this form mapping - 0 if no update has been done yet_",
  "lastUpdateDate": "_the last update date in milliseconds (long) - null if no update has been done yet_",
  "url": "_the external URL (string) when type is URL - null otherwise_"


The methods used for this resource are:

  • GET - Search for a form mapping

  • PUT - Update a form mapping

Search a form mapping

Request URL

  • URL
    Example: /API/form/mapping?p=0&c=10&f=processDefinitionId=7281286536417002543&f=type=TASK

  • Method

  • Data Params
    Standard search parameters are available to search form mappings.
    The following filters can be applied while searching form mappings:

    • f=processDefinitionId={long} - get form mappings of a specific process definition

    • f=type=PROCESS_START - get the process start form mapping. Example: http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/form/mapping?c=1&p=0&f=processDefinitionId=123456&f=type=PROCESS_START

    • f=type=PROCESS_OVERVIEW - get the process overview form mapping. Example: http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/form/mapping?c=10&p=0&f=processDefinitionId=123456&f=type=PROCESS_OVERVIEW

    • f=type=TASK - get the task form mapping. Example: http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/form/mapping?c=10&p=0&f=processDefinitionId=123456&f=type=TASK

  • Success Response
    JSON representation of an array of form mappings

    • Code: 200

    • Payload:

          "id": 4,
          "processDefinitionId": 7281286536417002543,
          "type": "TASK",
          "target": "INTERNAL",
          "task": "Give Feedback",
          "pageId": 101,
          "pageMappingKey": "taskInstance/myProcess/1.0/Give Feedback"
          "lastUpdatedBy": 4,
          "lastUpdateDate": 1425466666191,
          "url": null
          "id": 5,
          "processDefinitionId": 7281286536417002543,
          "type": "TASK",
          "target": "URL",
          "task": "Validate Feedback",
          "pageId": null,
          "pageMappingKey": "taskInstance/myProcess/1.0/Validate Feedback",
          "lastUpdatedBy": 4,
          "lastUpdateDate": 1425295012666,
          "url": ""

Update a form mapping (Efficiency, Performance and Enterprise Editions)

  • URL

  • Method

  • Request Payload
    JSON representation of the form mapping attribute to update - {"pageId": (long)} or {"url": (string)} or {} to set the mapping type to NONE

      "url": ""
  • Success Response

    • Code: 200