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Import and export profiles using Bonita portal

Profile artifacts should be managed in the bonita studio during development. But you can still import/export them using the Bonita portal.

For Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork editions only.


When you export a profile, it includes the following:

  • The profile definition (name and description).

  • The mapping of the profile to the organization. This defines the users, groups, roles, and memberships that have the profile.

  • The mapping of the profile to pages. This defines the pages that someone who is using this profile can see in the portal. A custom profile can include standard pages and custom pages. You cannot change the mapping of a standard profile to pages.

You can export and import the default profiles that are provided as standard in Bonita, as a way to export and import the mapping of those profiles to elements in the organization.

By default, the profile export and import features are available in the Administrator profile. They can also be available in a custom profile.

Export profiles

To export profiles:

  1. Go to the Organization menu and choose Profiles.

  2. In the list of profiles, check the boxes to select the profiles you want to export. You can only select profiles in your current view of the profile list, not from other pages of the list.

  3. Click Export.

  4. A popup confirms the number of profiles that will be exported. Click Export to continue and export these profiles.

An XML file, Profile_Data.xml, is exported.

Import profiles

When you import a profile, you import the mapping of the profile to the organization and to pages. For the import to be successful, the organization and any custom pages must already be loaded. If you are setting up a new production environment by importing all the data, import it in the following order:

  • organization

  • custom pages

  • profiles

To import profiles:

  1. Go to the Organization menu and choose Profiles.

  2. Click Add.

  3. In the popup, select Import profiles.

  4. Specify the Profile_Data.xml file to upload.

  5. Click Import.

The file is imported and checked. A popup reports the status of the import. It shows the number of profiles successfully imported, partially imported, or with errors.


  • A Process manager profile does not include the list of apps assigned to a given process manager. After the Process manager profile is imported, you need to assign a process manager to an app.

  • The standard profiles defined in Bonita have the flag isDefault set to True in the XML file. Do not change the setting of isDefault for any profile, or you will get an error message on import.