This documentation is about a version that is out of support, here is the latest documentation version.

How about downloading a newer, supported version?

Bonita Studio installation

The first step of this getting started tutorial is to set up your development environment. All you need to do is install Bonita Studio.

If you face any difficulties in this getting started tutorial, please ask for help on the Bonita community and/or open an issue on the Bonita Community issue tracker.

Download Bonita Studio

To download the latest version of Bonita Studio, open the download page and click on the Download button. This will start the download of Bonita Studio installer for your operating system.

When the download is finished, you should have one of the following files on your computer (x.y.z refers to the version of Bonita Studio, e.g. ${varVersion}.0):

  • Windows: BonitaStudioCommunity-x.y.z-x86_64.exe

  • macOS: BonitaStudioCommunity-x.y.z-x86_64.dmg

  • Linux:

You are now ready to start the installation process.

Install Bonita Studio

To run the installer for Windows, macOS or Linux, double-click on the file you downloaded.

The installer will guide you through a very basic installation configuration:

  1. Select installation language: this will be used for the installation process

  2. Welcome message: click on Next button

  3. License agreement: you need to accept this to continue

  4. Installation directory: the default one should be fine

  5. Confirmation that installation is about to start: click on "Next" button

  6. Actual installation: wait a little bit

  7. You’ll see a confirmation message that offers the option to start Bonita Studio. Choose to start Bonita Studio and click on Finish button

  8. A "thank you for downloading" page will be displayed in your web browser. You can close it

Bonita Studio installer last screen

Bonita Studio is now installed. Default installation folders are:

  • Windows: C:\BonitaStudioCommunity-x.y.z

  • macOS: /Applications/BonitaStudioCommunity-x.y.z

  • Linux: /home/<username>/BonitaStudioCommunity-x.y.z

First Bonita Studio execution

At this stage Bonita Studio should be running on your computer. If not, you can manually start it by using the installed shortcut or by using the Bonita Studio executable file from the installation folder.

You should get the Bonita Studio welcome page:

Bonita Studio with welcome page displayed

When Bonita Studio starts, various tasks are executed in the background, such as the embedded Bonita test server startup (including Bonita Engine initialization), Bonita test organization deployment, and more. This might take a while and may be why some features are not immediately available.

Installation validation

In order to make sure that everything is properly installed, click on the Portal button Bonita Portal icon in the toolbar. This should open the Bonita Portal home page in your web browser:

Bonita Portal display in a web browser

Also click on the UI Designer button UI Designer icon in the toolbar. This will display a pop-up window that you can ignore:

UI Designer first launch pop-up window

And then the UI Designer should be opened in your web browser:

UI Designer

Ready to move on

Now Bonita Studio is successfully installed, and the tools and test environment are up and running. You are ready to move to the next chapter to start creating your first process.