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Twitter connector

Twitter connectors allows to publish Tweets or send direct messages from your processes.


The following Twitter connectors are available:

  • Update Twitter status: to publish your own Tweet

  • Send a tweet: to send a "Direct Message"

To publish Tweets or send direct messages, you need to register your application with Twitter. When you register, you will get authorization credentials:

  • Consumer key

  • Consumer secret

  • Access token

  • Access token secret

You need to provide these when you configure a Twitter connector.

To add a Twitter connector, follow the steps in the wizard, and use the following information:

  • After you specify the authorization credentials, you can check that the connection will work by clicking Test connection. If your application is protected by a firewall, you can also specify the proxy to be used.

  • For the Update Twitter status connector (i.e. "Send a Tweet"), you can enter the Tweet content directly in the wizard for a fixed status, or you can click Switch editor and enter the text using the expression editor.

  • For the Send a Tweet connector (i.e. "Direct message"), specify the message and the recipient using the expression editor.