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Access control API

This API is only available in Enterprise, Efficiency and Performance editions.



Access control is available to protect the tenant BDM. You can use this API to get the access control status (lastUpdatedBy, lastUpdateDate…​).


  • GET - Read access control status.

  • DELETE - Remove access control

A servlet to import access control file exists. You can use it with this url services/bdmAccessControl/install?bdmAccessControlUpload=accessControlFileToUpload.xml. The file upload needs to be performed before (POST portal/bdmAccessControlUpload). Use the file name returned in the response of the upload request to perform the import request (bdmAccessControlUpload parameter).

Get access Control status

Make this call to get the access control status.

  • URL

  • Method

  • Success Response

    • Code: 200

    • Payload:

        "id": "4090",
        "name": "bdm_access_control.xml",
        "type": "BDM_ACCESS_CONTROL",
        "state": "INSTALLED",
        "lastUpdatedBy": "4",
        "lastUpdateDate": "2018-01-17T17:05:36.671Z"

      If "lastUpdatedBy": "-1" it means that the access control were last installed or updated by tenant_technical_user.

Delete an access control

Delete the access control which are installed on the current tenant.

  • URL

  • Method

  • Success Response

    • Code: 204