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Restore the default Look & Feel

Restoring default Look & Feel in case of errors

For Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork editions only.

Normally, the Look & Feel for Bonita Portal and for process forms is managed using Bonita Portal. However, it is also possible to restore the default Look & Feel using the Bonita Engine API. This provides an "escape" in case a Look & Feel that contains errors that make the Bonita Portal unusable is applied.

The default and active Look & Feels are stored in the Bonita Engine database. The Look & Feel is managed by the ThemeAPI.

To restore the default Look & Feel with the API, use the getDefault method to get the default Look & Feel from the Engine database, then call updateTheme to load it into the portal.

For example: getThemeAPI().restoreDefaultTheme(ThemeType.PORTAL);