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Manage Tasks

A task is an element of a process. It defines an action to be performed (automatic or human).


To manage a task as follows, you need to be logged on Bonita with the Administrator profile or the Process Manager profile.

Assign a task

A task can be assigned and reassigned if necessary to another user.

  1. Go to BPM > Tasks

  2. Click on a task in the list of tasks

  3. Click Assign

Unassign a task

  1. Go to BPM > Tasks

  2. Click on a task in the list of tasks

  3. Click Unassign

Do a task for another user

With the Efficiency, Performance and Enterprise editions, an Administrator can do a task for another user. This is useful for unblocking a case if the assigned user cannot perform a task.

  1. Go to BPM > Tasks and view the list of pending Human tasks.

  2. Select the relevant task in the list and click Do for.

  3. In the popup, a list of users elligible to do the task is displayed.

  4. Select the user for whom you want to do the task, and click Do it.

The task is done as though the selected user has done it.

Skip a failed task

If a failed task does not impact subsequent task in a process, the Administrator can skip it. This means that the task does not have to be done successfully for the following steps to become available.

  1. Go to BPM > Tasks.

  2. Go to Failed.

  3. Click on a Task.

  4. Click More.

  5. In Technical details, the reason for the failure is displayed

  6. Click Skip.

The task is moved from Failed to Done.

Replay a failed task

This feature is available with the Enterprise or the Performance edition.

  1. Go to BPM > Tasks.

  2. Go to Failed.

  3. Click on a Task

  4. In technical details, the details of the failure are displayed

  5. Correct the reason for the error e.g. Connector parameters.

  6. Click More.

  7. Click Replay.

  8. In the popup window Replay task , tick the task which failed.

  9. Click Replay.

You will need to fix any parameter causing the failure, BEFORE clicking on Replay.

View the failure stack-trace message on a failed task

Normally, a user will start a case of a process. The case might not start as expected. This is a called a faliure.

In this case the Admin can check the failure on a connector:

  1. Logged in as Admin, go to BPM > Tasks > Failed

  2. On the Failed page, in the section Technical details, this shows the Connector has failed.

  3. Click on More

  1. There can be a list of connectors in different states. Here we can see the connector that has failed.

  1. Click on the Failed link.

  2. A pop-up window Failure details displays the error message and the details of the message.


There are 2 options:

  • Either click the Skip button, to skip over the task where the connector failed. This will make the Failed message disappear on the Connector, and display Resolved instead.

  • Fix the problem then click Replay.