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Create an application

Creating the application is the final step of this Getting Started tutorial.

But before we actually create the application, we need to deploy our application page in the Bonita Portal:

  1. In the Bonita Studio menu click on File  Deploy

  2. Click on Select all button to make sure everything is deployed: test organization, business data model, process definition, application page

  3. Make sure that Clean BDM database before deployment is not checked as we want to keep our data for testing

  4. Click on Deploy button

  5. In the Deploy status pop up window, click on Close button

    Project deployment

Now we are ready to actually create the application. In the Bonita Community Edition, the easiest way to create an application is to use the Bonita Portal:

  1. Click on the Portal icon Portal icon in the Bonita Studio tool bar

  2. In the upper right corner of the window, click on the User drop down menu

  3. Select Administrator

  4. Click on the Applications tab

  5. Click on the New button

  6. Configure the application:

    • Display name: Claims

    • URL: claims

    • Version: 1.0

    • Profile: User

    • Description: Claims management application

  7. Click on the Create button

    Create an application

You now need to edit the application to add the previously created application page:

  1. Click on the …​ icon in the Actions column

  2. In the Pages section, click on the Add button

  3. In the drop down list, select custompage_claimsList - claimsList

  4. In URL type: claims-list

  5. Click on the Add button

  6. In the pages list, click on the home icon to set claims-list as the home page and delete the default home

  7. We’ve kept this application very simple, with only a single page, so we don’t need to define a navigation menu

    Add page to application

You can now click on the application URL, and you’ll see the application page displayed in the default application layout.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first process and application with Bonita.

If you want to learn more about Bonita components and concepts we recommend the Bonita Camp tutorial. Of course official documentation is also a great place to learn more about Bonita. If you prefer to learn from examples, you can find several on the community website. And finally, remember that you can always get help and ask questions of the Bonita Community.