Bonita Cloud

From our business intelligence service to your mission-critical Living Apps, Bonita Cloud makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale in the cloud.

Bonita Cloud Offer

Bonita Cloud initial offer includes:

  • In our cloud:

    • 3 runtimes: One production and Two non-productions

    • Access to Bonita Cloud self-serving which consist of:

      • The Continuous delivery platform

        • Build and deploy your living applications

        • Troubleshoot your platform

  • High Availability and High Performance

  • Up to 10 Studio licenses

  • Support: Gold elite or platinium

  • Unlimited processes, cases, tasks, forms and applications

High Level View


Service Regions

Bonita Cloud is currently available in Europe and North America:

North America Europe



United States

United Kingdom



The infrastructure country does not imply that Bonitasoft technical support will be located in the same country.

The legal jurisdiction of the infrastructure’s country is applied. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they meet the legal requirements of the country.