Frequently Asked Questions

Difference with the On-premise version

Bonita Cloud IS NOT a downgraded On-premise version. On-premises or in the Cloud. Same:

  • Technology

  • Features

  • Customizations

  • Connectors

Platform setup

Runtime URLs

What are the default runtime URLs?







Can I customize the URLs?

Yes, the URLs of the runtime can be customized upon request.

Can I configure Single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, Bonita Cloud supports several SSO protocols.

Can I configure a VPN?

Yes, Bonita Clouds supports VPN.

Bonita licenses have a short-term expiration date. Do I need to worry about it?

Bonita licenses on Bonita Cloud runtimes are automatically renewed 10 days before their expiration date, as long as your subscription is active. You do not need to worry about it.

Licenses generated for Bonita Cloud runtimes are valid for 40 days. Therefore you might be surprised to see in the Portal that your license will expire soon. As described above, a new 40-day license will be automatically installed.

Service region

What are possible regions for Bonita Cloud?

Bonita Cloud is currently available in Europe and North America:

North America Europe



United States

United Kingdom



Which database vendor does Bonita Cloud runtimes use?

Bonita Cloud runtimes use PostgreSQL.

I already have a continuous delivery platform. Can I use it with Bonita Cloud?

Yes. Thanks to our Bonita Cloud Continuous Delivery add-on you can use your pre-existing tools to manage your applications deployment on Bonita Cloud.

Infrastructure access

Bonita Cloud infrastructure follows the security standard to guarantee data confidentiality and reliability. The Bonitasoft cloud infrastructure team garantees the best level of service on the infrastructure by ensuring strict security processes compliance.

In consequence, Bonitasoft doesn’t give direct access to infrastrucure components used by the Bonita Cloud services (i.e. machine, database, file system, …​). Moreover, this protection ensures any mis-usage or bad manipulation by the users that would put at risk the Bonita Cloud SLA.

Nevertheless, there are multiple options to retreive and integrate Bonita data to an external system, for instance:

  • Using Bonita API to access data

  • Implement a connector

  • Or ask our Professional Services team to implement an Event Handler.

Just contact your Bonita Cloud representative for more information.