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Administrator User activation / deactivation in Bonita Applications

This page explains what a user with the Administrator profile in the Bonita Runtime can see and do about the activation and deactivation of a user.
Activation / deactivation of a user allows to revoke any access to the Runtime, without deleting the user.
If a user is deactivated, they cannot log into the Bonita Runtime. However, all their past actions are kept intact and can be displayed.

The Administrator cannot add a membership to a deactivated user. In consequence, the Add membership button is not displayed for an inactive user.

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Deactivate a user

  1. Go to_Organization_/Users.

  2. Select a user in the Active list.

  3. Click on Deactivate.

  4. Confirm the deactivation The user is then moved from the Active list to the Inactive list.

Reactivate a deactivated user

  1. Go to_Organization_/Users.

  2. Select a user in the Inactive list.

  3. Click on Activate. The user is moved from the Inactive list to the Active list.