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Bonita Studio

Discover what Bonita Studio is, as well as its main features.

What Bonita Studio is

Bonita Studio is the central tool to design processes, data models and applications.
It is suited for both citizen developers (business analysts, project managers, power users) and application developers, with back-end java developers working in Bonita Studio and collaborating with front-end developers working in the UI Designer.

Bonita Studio contains a Bonita Runtime (Tomcat, UI Designer, Bonita Portal, Bonita Engine, and an h2 database), suitable for testing an application that is in development.
When you run a process, it is automatically deployed onto the development platform.

Bonita Studio is not intended for any use other than development. As a consequence, the Bonita stack embedded into the Bonita Studio can not be used for production purposes.

Main features

Architecture overview

Bonita Studio architecture

troubleshooting-icon Troubleshooting

Log files

In case of trouble when running Bonita Studio, you might want to take a look at log files.

Studio log file can be displayed from Bonita Studio in Help  Show Bonita Studio log menu.

If Studio fails to start, you can open the log file manually. File is named .log and is located in <studio_folder>/workspace/.metadata folder.
Note that the folder might be hidden and the file might not be displayed if you choose to hide file extensions in your file manager.

JVM terminated. Exit code=1

If when launching the Studio you get an error message "JVM terminated. Exit code=1"
You may try to launch Bonita Studio with a version of the JVM that is not supported.
See above "Configure Bonita Studio to use a specific JVM" how to force the JVM to use.

OutOfMemory error in Bonita Studio

After installation, you might see an OutOfMemory error in Bonita Studio.
This error sometimes occurs when importing a large process definition.
The log messages are similar to the following:

!ENTRY 4 0 2014-04-25 09:43:49.467
!ERROR Import has failed for file Autorisation Engagement Depenses-2.0.bos

!ENTRY 4 0 2014-04-25 09:43:49.470
Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

You need to increase the memory allocated to the JVM that runs Bonita Studio.
To do so:

  1. Edit the *.ini file that corresponds to the executable you use to launch the Studio

  2. Modify this line: -Xmx512m to -Xmx1024m (or higher).

  3. Restart Bonita Studio.

OutOfMemory error in Bonita Studio embedded Tomcat server

Long response time
Memory issue with the default -Xmx used for the tomcat server because connectors used have a large amount of dependencies.
Potential solution:
Increase this value in Bonita Studio Preferences  Server settings  Tomcat Maximum memory allocation.

Bonita Studio installation fails due to JVM errors

A given Bonita Studio version can only run with some specifics Java versions (hardware and software requirements).
You encounter error messages about the JVM during the installation.
Potential causes:
Bad Java installations, or incompatibilities between a given Java version and Bitrock (Bitrock is the install builder used to install Bonita, it has the responsibility to detect the JRE used to install Bonita. Some defects on a given version could lead to incompatibility).
First, ensure that a valid Java version is available. You can for exemple type java -version on a terminal, and informations about the main Java version used will be displayed.
If you need another version:

  1. Remove the installed Java versions

  2. Download the last stable build of the required Java version on the Oracle website

  3. Install it properly. No subject alternative DNS name matching found.

Bonita Studio needs to retrieve some remote assets from Github.
The download of those assets fails with the above exception.
Potential cause:
It may be due to an out-dated installation of Java.
Install the latest supported Java package.