This content is dedicated to our next version. It is work in progress: its content will evolve until the new version is released. Before that time, it cannot be considered as official.

Release notes

The 2022.1 is in development.

New values added


Functional changes

Prometheus monitoring active by default (Subscription editions)

From Bonita 2022.1, the Prometheus metrics publisher is now active by default, and can be disabled if needed.
Its access is now protected with Basic Auth authentication to protect against DOS attacks.
Thus, when reaching the prometheus metrics endpoint, typically https://localhost:8080/bonita/metrics, you will have to manually enter the configured username and password information for your access to be granted.

These credentials can be consulted and modified:

Technical updates

Docker image

Folder structure inside Bonita Docker images has been simplified: instead of having /opt/bonita/BonitaCommunity-2022.1 or /opt/bonita/BonitaSubscription-2022.1, we now simply have /opt/bonita.
If you have scripts using the former folder structure, please update them.

The docker image does not create the database schema and the associated user anymore. The database must be created before the image starts. We provide pre-configured database images with already created existing schema and users

As a consequence, the following environment properties were removed:






Feature deprecations and removals

Bug fixes

Known issues