Requirements and compatibility

This page describes which system requirements need to be met in order to use the Bonita Continuous Delivery CLIs.
You will also find information about BCD CLIs and Bonita version compatibility.

System requirements

The BCD features (build and deploy) are implemented by two standalone Java CLIs (command line interface).

You have to ensure that your maven installation is configured to access the Bonita Artifact Repository

Bonita LA Builder

The bonita-la-builder program delegate some work to maven during its execution, so requirement are:

Bonita LA Deployer

The bonita-la-deployer program is simple java standalone CLI, so the only requirement is:

Version supported compatibility

Bonita LA Builder

The bonita-la-builder versions follow the Bonita engine versions.

Example: to build a 2023.1 (8.0.0) bonita project, you have to use the 8.0.0 version of the bonita-la-builder.

Builder is not supported for Bonita project designed with Bonita Studio 2023.2 and above. In those versions, a Bonita project can be built using Maven.

Bonita LA Deployer

The following table shows which bonita-la-deployer CLI versions support specific Bonita releases.

bonita-la-deployer version

Bonita release


2021.2.x, 2022.1.x, 2022.2.x, 2023.1.x, 2023.2.x, 2024.1.x

If a Bonita release is not listed in the previous table, then it is not supported by the BCD offer.