Docker Healthcheck mechanism

API health endpoints

The Bonita docker image provides one API endpoint, /healthz to indicate the current state of the platform (accessed by the URL https://<serverURL>/bonita/healthz). A call to the URL will typically return the following information in JSON format:

{"status":"ok","ip":"<Server IP>",

The most common "unhealthy" state will be that the /healthz URL is not accessible.


The /healthz endpoint is protected by a username/password authentication. The default values are username: monitoring / password: mon1tor1ng_adm1n. It is very much recommended to change those values. It can be done by overriding the following environment properties:


It should be done when staring up the Bonita docker image:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v ~/lic:/opt/bonita_lic/ -e MONITORING_USERNAME=<YourUsername> -e MONITORING_PASSWORD=<YourPassword> --name bonita-sp

Alternatively, these properties can be centralized along with others in a bonita.env file

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v ~/lic:/opt/bonita_lic/ --env-file ~/bonita.env --name bonita-sp

Internal Workings

The /healthz endpoint is an internal class that retrieves various information through the If one of the requested information cannot be retrieved (ie. if the API call raises an exception), the endpoint will return a status "error" with a stacktrace.