Documents in integration tests

Ensuring that the content of a document is correct during the execution of a case can be an important requirement to validate a process.
The Bonita Test Toolkit offers the possibility to retrieve a document attached to a case at any time during a test.

Integrations tests are built with the Bonita Test Toolkit, based on the open-source Bonita Java Client.
The Bonita Test Toolkit is only available for Enterprise, Performance, Efficiency, and Teamwork. editions.

Retrieve a document from a case

A document is retrieved from its case, no matter if it is archived or not.
Besides its content, several meta information like the file name, the author, or the version are accessible from the object Document. The version corresponds to the revision of a document: Each time a document is updated, its version is incremented.

class ProcessIT {

    void retrieve_documents(BonitaTestToolkit toolkit) {
        User walter = toolkit.getUser("walter.bates");
        ProcessDefinition processDef = toolkit.getProcessDefinition("myProcess");
        ProcessInstance processInstance = processDef.startProcessFor(user);

        Document singleDocument = startedCase.getDocument("singleDocument"); (1)
        assertThat(new String(singleDocument.getContent())).isEqualTo("Hello from doc A!"); (2)

        List<Document> multipleDocument = startedCase.getMultipleDocument("multipleDocument"); (3)
        assertThat(multipleDocument).extracting(Document::getFileName).containsExactly("docB.txt", "docC.txt");
        assertThat(multipleDocument).extracting(Document::isArchived).allSatisfy(archived -> assertThat(archived).isFalse());
        assertThat(multipleDocument).extracting(Document::getContent).map(String::new).containsExactly("Hello from doc B!", "Hello from doc C!"); (4)
1 A single document named singleDocument is retrieved from the case. An object Document is returned.
2 Since the content of the document is a text, a String can be created from the byte[] returned by the method getContent(). The content of the document can be compared to the expected String.
3 A multiple document named multipleDocument is retrieved from the case. A List of Document is returned.
4 Once again, each document in the multipleDocument contains text, all the contents can be converted to String and compared to the expected value.