Breaking changes

  • Test Toolkit feature activation check added. It is now required to have a license supporting the Test Toolkit feature on the target runtime.

New features

  • Add a new method List<ProcessInstance> getSubprocessInstances(SubprocessInstancesCriteria criteria) on ProcessInstance. This new method aims at replacing the deprecated List<ProcessInstance> getSubprocessInstances().


  • Fix an issue with contract file input resources and special characters encoding.

Dependencies updates

  • slf4j-api updated to 2.0.13


Breaking changes

This version removes the support of Bonita 2021.1

New features

  • Add support for Bonita 2023.2

  • Processes paths coverage reports are now generated at the end of a test session. Those HTML reports let you visualize the processes execution paths covered by your tests. See the Tests Report page.

  • Add DEBUG level output for contract at process instantiation and task execution

Deprecated API

Paginated methods to retrieve subprocess instances and subprocess archived instances have been deprecated. Non paginated equivalent method should be use instead.

Dependencies updates

  • bonita-java-client updated to 1.0.1

  • slf4j-api updated to 2.0.7


  • Fix an issue where subprocess instances root instance was not properly filtered in getArchivedProcessInstances methods.


  • Fix an issue where subprocess instances where not properly filtered by rootCaseId.


  • Fix an issue where json contract resources was not parsed recursively.



  • Fix an issue where some task states like completing_activity_with_boundary was not interpreted properly and could lead to execptions like:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unexpected value 'completing_activity_with_boundary'



  • Fix an issue where not all task states where known which could lead to execptions like:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unexpected value 'executing'
  • Fix an issue where it was not possible to set a contract value to null

  • Fix an issue where a NPE was thrown when accessing a business data aggregated null reference


New features

  • Retrieve a Business Object iterator on a multi-instantiated UserTask

Breaking changes

  • Removed @BonitaTests properties:

  • Split TaskPredicates into UserTaskPredicates and TaskPredicates

  • New ConnectorState and ConnectorActivationEvent enumerations in replacement of the String return type for Connector#getState() and Connector#getActivationEvent().

  • Process instance scope changes:

    • It is now possible to retrieve a ProcessInstance of instances started be a Call Activity or an Event Subprocess

    • It is now mandatory to use the proper ProcessInstance to retrieve tasks, timers, documents…​ The root ProcessInstance cannot be used anymore for children instances.


  • Fix an issue where deleting the BDM content was not waiting for the tenant to be resumed