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Release notes

New values added

Project explorer in Bonita Studio

In one glance, view the content of the current Bonita project. In Bonita 7.8, the project is the equivalent of what used to be a repository. Now repository is dedicated to SVN and Git, where Bonita becomes only about projects. From this view, you can create, open, edit, delete and use SVN and Git commands, simply with a right click. Diagrams: The BPMN palette is now included in the diagram view, and if you collapse it, it still automatically opens when your mouse passes over its closed panel, and closes once you have selected the element to drag and drop on the diagram. The overview of the diagram is now stacked in the properties view, after the Validation tab, and is now called "Minimap". As for the Tree view, it is displayed just by the Project explorer, as a deep dive in the diagram content. REST API extensions: The tree view is now nested in the global project explorer.

Integration with UiPath : add Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to your BPM processes

(Teamwork, Efficiency, Performance, and Enterprise editions) Sometimes, because of legacy systems, or the way systems interact, and the complexity and cost it would take to change things, employees must perform repetitive tasks, with not much added-value, like copying and pasting values from one system to another. This times are over now with the possibility to connect Bonita with its technology partner UiPath, the leader in RPA. Let a robot do the boring tasks for the employees, and let the employees focus on the complex tasks with strong added-value. New connectors are now available in the Studio:

  • Start jobs: start a job on Orchestrator on a specified number of Robots. (compatible with job input parameters in version 2018.3)

  • Add queue item: add a new item in a queue in order to exchange data with jobs

  • Get job status: retrieve the current status of a job

Moreover, UiPath provides native activities to interact with Bonita in order to start a Case, send a BPM Message, validate a Task. (see UiPath documentation for more details)

A new Modal container is now available in the UI Designer palette, that open over the content of a page/form/layout. To manage such containers, the Button widget gains two actions: "Open modal" and "Close modal".

Integration of Kerberos/SPNEGO-based SSO

(Teamwork, Efficiency, Performance, and Enterprise editions) Bonita works with Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions using Kerberos/SPNEGO protocol:

  • Uses password or passphrase authentication service engine side

  • Allows connection to Bonita Portal and Living Applications with company credentials

  • Per tenant configuration

  • Compatible with Windows authentication and many UNIX-like operating systems

Change the type of a UI Designer artifact (page/form)

From the page or form editors, right by the "Save" button, a click on the arrow displays a new option "Convert to…​". Moreover, in the "Save as" option, the possibility to change the type has also been added, to, for example, save a form as a case overview page.

Bonita callback method

A new REST API sendMessage is available for when Bonita has launched an external service (like UiPath or DocuSign) and needs to be called back in an asynchronous manner.

In the UI Designer, strings in JavaScript expressions can now be translated

When writing the content of a variable of type JavaScript Expression, you may want to translate the strings withing. Autocompletion (ctrl+space) now offers a new service for translation: uiTranslate(). This gives the opportunity to get such strings available for translation in the localization.json asset of the UI Designer artifact.

Add a display name and display description to a page, form, or layout from the Editor

Display name and description are used when the page, form, or layout are imported in the portal’s Resources page. They could be edited by opening the file. Now, they can be directly edited in the page, form, or layout editor of the UI Designer, by clicking on the new "Tag" button.

Get a summary of the calls to Bonita REST API made in a page, form, or layout

Also by clicking on the "Tag" button, you can get a summary of all REST API calls made by the current artifact to the Bonita REST API. This helps validating if all expected calls are well implemented in the artifact in its current state.

BDM query parameters accept arrays

For a given BDM attribute of an object, custom queries can now be performed within a selection of values passed as a parameter (array). One example:

FROM Employee e
WHERE e.firstName IN (:firstNames)
ORDER BY p.persistenceId ASC

where :firstNames is a query parameter of type String[].

Monitoring of number and details of engine workers

(Teamwork, Efficiency, Performance, and Enterprise editions) Busy engine workers and their activity is now available through JMS counters. Plug a JMX client on Bonita JVM to monitor workers activity.

New Living Applications theme

A new theme is available for any Living Application you create: "bonita-default-theme".


Stability of sources files throughout revisions

Updating timers, business data, data dependencies, messages, pools, contract inputs, parameters, expressions, connectors, and documents, used to create additional UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) that resulted in false positives when comparing two revisions of the same file (using Git or SVN). This has been improved to make only real changes stick out when using a Diff Tool.

New pages in the Portal: process list for profile "User" and BPM services for profile "Technical User"

As Google Web Toolkit is an ageing technology, Bonita needs to transform the pages of Bonita Portal step by step. In this Bonita 7.8 release, two pages have been rewritten:

  • Process list for the profile User, very simplified compared to the GWT one. It has been created using React. It is made available in the portal’s Resources page, so it can be used in any application. It cannot be edited in the UI Designer.

  • BPM Services page for the profile Technical Administrator It has been created using the UI Designer and the new modal container. Since it is dedicated to a profile critical for the good initialization and management of Bonita, the page has not been made available in the portal’s resources. It cannot be added to any application nor be edited in the UI Designer. It’s designed has been slightly reviewed compared to the GWT one.


The following improvements have been made to Bonita performance:

  • There is less I/O requests to temp folders

  • Work execution consumes less database resources

  • The login REST APIs mechanism consumes less resources

  • At engine startup and BPM services resume, the process dependencies loading consumes less memory

A special attention has also been carried out to an improved deletion mechanism of archived cases. Deleting archived cases is now way more efficient.

As a result, some Events are not triggered anymore (among others: ARCHIVED_FLOWNODE_INSTANCE_DELETED, only concerns deletion of archived elements). If you used these events and still need them, there is a way to switch back to the previous deletion mechanism. In such cases, please contact Customer Support to activate this legacy deletion mechanism. Be aware that this legacy deletion mechanism is deprecated and will be deleted in a future version. There will be not support in the long-term.

REST connector Read timeout is configurable

In the REST connector, it is now possible to set the connection timeout (during connection) and the socket timeout (lack of answer of the distant machine after connection). The default value is one minute for both, the values that were hard-coded before.

LDAP synchronizer manages errors and continues on fail

Better error management during LDAP synchronization.

Warning on best practices when using API in operations

In diagram operations, the right operand should only use the apiAccessor with read-only methods. After helping several customers with scripts calling the apiAccessor with "write"-type methods, we have created a warning in the studio, when detecting the apiAccessor is called in an operation script.

Technology updates

Tomcat 8.5.34

Update to a newer Tomcat version. Find more info on the Tomcat changelog official page

Other dependency updates


Some internal libraries have been updated to newer versions:

  • spring framework version is now 5.0.10.RELEASE

  • spring-boot version is now 2.0.6.RELEASE

Feature removals

6.x forms/case overview pages based on GWT technology

Studio forms and case overview pages based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT) technology are not supported anymore, starting with Bonita 7.8.
They have been removed from Bonita Studio and Bonita Runtime.
Here is what changed:

In Bonita Studio and Bonita Runtimes

  • In the studio:

    • Importing a .bos will not import such forms

    • Cloning a Git repository or migrating a SVN repository will remove such forms

    • Items removed:

    • The "Resources" tab

    • The "Application" tab and associated configuration in the processes (Pageflow transition, Entry forms, View forms, Recap forms, etc.)

    • Look’n’feels, validators, forms and widgets templates, and theme editor

    • The "Legacy 6.x" option in the "Execution > Form" tab

  • In a repository/project, there is no more "Application resources" folder.

  • At Runtime, installing a process (.bar file) with forms/pages developed using Google Web Toolkit is not possible anymore

Migration paths

The migration will handle the attempt to migrate projects with GWT forms/case overview pages:

  • If no GWT form/overview page is found, migration is performed

  • If all processes with GWT forms have only archived cases and are disabled, migration will be performed. If a GWT case overview page is found, it is replaced by the default Bonita overview page.

  • If one process with GWT forms is enabled and/or has open cases, migration will not be performed at all

If you face the latest case:

  1. Create a new version for each process that uses GWT forms.

  2. Use Bonita Studio from your pre-7.8.0 version to replace such forms/pages by forms/pages created with more recent technologies and newer concepts, offered since Bonita 7.0: UI Designer and contract and context.

  3. Deploy the new process version (.bar file) and disable the old one. No more new cases with this old process version will be created.

Then, it depends on the Bonita Edition:

  • Community edition: You must wait for all remaining running cases of the old process version to complete. You will be able to migrate to Bonita 7.8 once all such cases are completed.

  • Enterprise edition: You do not need to wait for all the cases to complete: the Administrator or Process Manager can replace GWT forms with a compliant form in the process details. Once all processes with open cases using GWT forms have been updated, the migration to Bonita 7.8 can be performed.

5.x BAR file import in Studio

It is no longer possible to import BAR files created with Bonita 5.x in the Studio. If you still need to migrate 5.x bar, use Bonita Studio 7.7.x version.

Directory "Resources/forms" for the business archives

This used to store Legacy v6 forms. When migrating a production environment to 7.8.0, it will be removed from the database.

Debug action in Studio

Debug, the option to run a diagram without its connectors, is not supported anymore, as its value proved to be too small.

Complex data types are deprecated

If you need to use custom types, it is recommended to use Business Object from the BDM. You can also create your own POJOs in Groovy using a custom Groovy script or import a jar dependency in your project.

Bug fixes

Fixes in Documentation

  • BS-17850 Missing documentation for REST API extension creation with Community Edition

  • BS-17993 Missing information about possible filters when searching for case using REST API

  • BS-18444 Whole Javascript expression variable reset when a Collection object is changed in a Form

  • BS-18494 No fallback to English when translation not provided in Mobile app

  • BS-19105 Studio Import: unable to recognize git repositories after studio migration

  • BS-19158 Default SAML configuration doesn’t work with AD FS

Fixes in Bonita 7.8.4 (2019-04-11)

Fixes in Engine component

  • BR-68 BDM REST API response JSON is huge

  • BR-69 SQLServerException error when deleting cases with more then 2100 subprocesses

  • BS-19024 Custom page update sometimes doesn’t work unless you restart the platform

  • BS-19298 Process may end up locked forever

Fixes in Studio component

  • BST-95 Revert change in the Git staging view is not refreshing project view

  • BST-122 Studio crashes when the user tries to switch repository while the engine is still starting

  • BST-124 Organization - all memberships updated when adding/changing a role

  • BST-142 Importing 7.8.1 worskpace fails in 7.8.3

  • BST-177 Search index not built with la-builder

  • BST-210 Avoir Studio freeze if the user start to switch into a repository shared with git / svn just after the Studio launch

  • BST-221 UID allows to have 2 forms with same name when created from the Studio: this breaks LA Builder

  • BS-19331 Groovy scripts with a custom package are not exported correctly

Fixes in UI Designer component

  • UID-30 When a form or a page is renamed in the UID, the field 'displayName' is not updated in the json

  • UID-38 Select widget set bound value to null

  • UID-54 The default display name of every (new?) form is "newForm", regardless of the form name

Fixes in Web/Portal component

  • BPO-23 (BS-18671) Update of manager using the community Portal is not saved

  • BPO-58 Wrong business data retrieved in open case Overview page when open Case Id equals an Archived case id already existing in the db

  • BPO-71 REST API - bpm/humanTask filter by displayName doesn’t work

  • BS-19284 Cases open and archived tabs show inconsistent Display and Technical Process Name in the process Name column

Fixes in Bonita 7.8.3 (2019-03-07)

Fixes in Studio component

  • BST-49 Allow condition on a sequence flow that connect a BPMN element to a parallel gateway

  • BST-77 Diagram overview broken after pool sizing in the Studio

  • BST-94 Bonita la builder doesn’t work if a process contains a decision table

  • BST-96 Impossible to import a BOS renamed in 7.8.0 in other Community Studios

  • BST-93 BCD livingapp build fails with ClassNotFoundException: whenthere are flows using "decision tables" in the repository

  • BST-100 Project explorer makes Studio considerably slower on Windows

Fixes in UI Designer component

  • UID-8 Display placeholder option on Datepicker widget if an expression is set

  • UID-11 Bonita API resource Template path truncated when exported in

  • UID-33 Editing a custom widget property breaks the parent artifacts

  • UID-35 Editing a custom widget property breaks the parent fragment and parent artifact

  • UID-37 UI Designer workspace gets corrupted when renaming a fragment

Fixes in Web/Portal component

  • BPO-35 Multiple documents are not displayed in the case overview

  • BPO-57 [Case Overview] caseDocument Rest API should be used instead of context to retrieve case documents

Fixes in Bonita 7.8.2 (2019-02-07)

Fixes in Engine component

  • BS-19200 Misleading LOG - NullPointerException when process does not find Business Object’s java method in deployed BDM

Fixes in UI Designer component

  • BS-19257 Wrong place holder in the Date Picker says "mm/dd/yyyy" instead of "dd MMM yyy"

Fixes in Web/Portal component

  • BS-19118 404 HTTP status code + SEVERE and Exception generated by the Portal due to misusage of ProcessAPI.getArchivedProcessInstanceExecutionContext()

Fixes in Bonita 7.8.1 (2019-01-17)

Fixes in Engine component

  • BS-19123 Transient activity data instance should be reevaluated when needed when using getActivityTransientDataInstance

  • BS-19107 MultiInstance variable 'numberOfCompletedInstances' not available in expression evaluation

  • BS-19104 Unclear/Useless exception when merging a null Business Objects into a Multiple Business Data reference

  • BS-19084 Provided variable 'activityInstanceId' is not available in default value expression of a task variable

Fixes in Studio component

  • BS-19236 Impossible to import a BOS with a renamed diagram in Community

  • BS-19201 When importing an old .bos archive, migration is performed on diagrams with the 'keep existing' flag

  • BS-19095 Studio Import: Unresolved dependency for expression of type Variable

Fixes in UI Designer component

  • BS-19177 SELECT widget continually re-evaluates the selected value

  • BS-19144 UI Designer data table does not sort correctly when column key uses filter

  • BS-18911 Form name size limitation incorrect. Currently 240 characters, should be 228 characters

  • BS-17278 Cannot update custom widget property

Fixes in Web/Portal component

  • BS-19185 Cannot bypass SAML authentication when using /bonita/login.jsp

  • BS-19183 In portal, if you open the language modal in settings, the current language is always english and not the current one

  • BS-19181 In portal, after switching language, there are 2 cookies BOS_Locale instead of one

  • BS-19158 Default SAML configuration doesn’t work with AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services)

Fixes in Bonita 7.8.0 (2018-12-06)

Fixes in Engine component

  • BS-16972 Engine classloader refresh should use less Heap memory on Engine startup and BPM services resume

  • BS-17905 LDAP Synchronizer failure with Microsoft Active Directory when MaxValRange limit reached for member in a uniq group

  • BS-18131 Performance issue when retrieving process.bpmn from bar resources

  • BS-18528 Engine logs should allow to troubleshoot why licence in DB is not loaded

  • BS-18563 Engine arbitrarily fails with License Error 51,27 at server start-up on Windows

  • BS-18615 Missing Hibernate query searchSProcessInstancewithSProcessSupervisor

  • BS-18741 Operation does not apply changes within the same transaction for document list

  • BS-18745 Operation: Assignment to a list of document from a list of File from the contract is failing when one element is null

  • BS-18783 SKIP button on a Failed Task, with Interrupting boundary event, does not cancel the event

  • BS-18847 Parallel archive cases deletion via REST API does not delete all rows

  • BS-18866 Deletion of archived case times out because it takes too long to execute

  • BS-18900 Operation does not apply changes within the same transaction for single document

  • BS-19062 Lazy referenced BO field to itself fails to serialize with StackOverflowError

  • BS-19073 Archived contract data are never deleted

Fixes in Studio component

  • BS-18588 String process variable in diagram appears as Boolean in .proc file

  • BS-18664 Studio thread takes 100% CPU when selecting a call activity

  • BS-18707 UI designer forms and pages SVN delete only remove file in Local and tag as Missing instead of Delete

  • BS-18708 The bonita la builder doesn’t build the global zip correctly (add a slash root folder)

  • BS-18861 Typo in description Git Clone assistant 2nd window clone destination

  • BS-18903 Nothing indicates you cannot click OK because your Groovy script is not named

  • BS-18946 Studio launches several processes to open BDM H2 console

  • BS-19033 Git reset leaves files that should not be there

  • BS-19105 Studio Import: unable to recognize git repositories after studio migration

Fixes in UI Designer component

  • BS-18472 Rename fragment does not rename fragment used in a container in a form

  • BS-18860 Date widget input not removed from binded variable

  • BS-19006 Cannot use a exported page from UID if one of widget asset is inactive

  • BS-19100 Rename a fragment replace others fragments reference use in a page same page

Fixes in Web/Portal component

  • BS-18847 Parallel archive cases deletion via REST API does not delete all rows

  • BS-18672 Do some check in caseOverview to ensure display in any case.

  • BS-18770 Profile User should not be able to see the list of users installed on the platform using a call to API/identity/user

  • BS-18816 Due Date translation is lost in the tasklist page imported inside a custom profile or living application

  • BS-18818 Due Date format is wrong in japanese

  • BS-18968 Security issue on Tomcat (CVE-2018-8037) impact Tomcat bundle

  • BS-19032 404 not found: Task’s form and process' form displayed in a living application cannot load the assets (image and font) listed in the CSS of the application’s theme