Release notes

What’s new in 3.4.5


  • chore(deps): upgrade bonita-license to 1.4.2 for better license generation handling.


  • fix(jdk11): fix jdk build failing because of gpg keys

What’s new in 3.4.4

Stack and license commands are now deprecated. These commands used for infrastructure provisioning rarely suited the diversity of our clients infrastructure stacks and specific hosting constraints.

We’ve decided to solely focus on the continuous integration to help you where we can make the most impact: Building and deploying easily your automation projects !

BCD Stack and license commands will soon be removed in the up-coming BCD versions.

If you are managing your stacks with BCD, we recommend using the following tools to replace BCD stack feature for your provisioning:


Configuration management


Infrastructure automation

boto3, aws cli

Manage AWS credentials and services

Azure SDK for Python

To create, configure, and manage Azure services

If you don’t feel like managing infrastructure at all anymore, you may also want to have a look at our hosted offer (which include a ready to use CI solution) : Bonita Cloud Bonita Cloud

What’s new in 3.4.3

  • Full support of the Bonita 2021.x versions

Breaking changes

  • Only the two last BCD Controller images are now available on, older images will be removed.

Technology upgrade

  • boto3 ⇒ 1.17.30

  • cryptography ⇒ 3.4.6

  • Jinja2 ⇒ 2.11.3

  • urllib3 ⇒ 1.26.4

  • sphinx ⇒ 3.5.2

  • sphinx-click ⇒ 2.6.0

Bug fixes

  • Support of the new Bonita versioning pattern.

  • Regression in stack command about IPV4 information gathering

What’s new in 3.4.2

Bonita versioning changed but BCD still refers to semantic versions, see versions matrix to see what technical version you need to use for a given bonita version (i.e. 2021.1 => 7.12.1)

Breaking changes

  • Controller image are published under fix version. The latest tag is now removed !

Technology upgrade

  • Python module aws-google-auth upgrade to version 0.37

Bug fixes

  • The BCD standalone license commmand couldn’t read scenario files (fixed)

What’s new in 3.4.1

Breaking changes

  • Controller image is now Debian based (and not Alpine Linux anymore). Any custom controller images will require migration and rebuild.

  • Controller image are published under fix version. The latest tag is not used anymore ! User must set an explicit version when using bcd controller image to avoid desynchronization between the docker image pulled and the configuration files in the zip distribution.

Limitations and known issues

  • The same BCD stack cannot be managed with multiple BCD controller instances due to the use of Terraform "local" backend.

  • Due to Ansible issue #35255 the warning message "could not match supplied host pattern" is displayed when there is no load balancer required for a noncluster deployment:

    [WARNING]: Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: load_balancer

Technology upgrade

  • Add common tools to base image to simplify the image extension

  • The BCD status commmand now return the ssh host and public dns with bonita url

Bug fixes

  • Remove node and npm warning from build logs

  • Improve java invocation from scripts

  • Fix flag to use private ip for ssh connection that was ignored

  • Fix broken read of encrypted files

  • Samples must not use alpine linux anymore

What’s new in 3.4.0

Technology upgrade

  • Upgrade Python to v3

  • Upgrade ansible to v2.2.9

  • Upgrade terraform to 0.12.26

  • New docker image OS to provide easier customization and access to the maven cache

Bug fixes

  • BCD-422: Authentication to AWS using G Suite SSO fails in BCD controller

  • BCD-458: Livingapp deploy fails when tenant password contains '$' (dollar sign) character

The use of latest (or no tag) tag on BCD Controller image is deprecated ! This tag will be removed from the registry in the next release.

By specifying a BCD Controller version in your configuration, you ensure consistency with the configuration files that comes with the zip distribution.

From now (and for previous versions), make sure to always specify the BCD version when using BCD Controller docker image.