Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement (BICI) extracts data of the Bonita Database, transforms it, and stores documents in an Elasticsearch storage engine. A set of REST APIs allows to query this storage. Those APIs are used in two Living Applications deployed on Bonita to configure processes and render predictions.

Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement Add-on Architecture


BICI connects to the Bonita Database, using its own connection pool to read events from the archives. Events are stored in Elasticsearch.

When configuring processes using the "Configuration" Living Application, a REST API extension calls the BICI REST API to store the configuration.

Data is polled from Bonita on a configurable time interval.

Once configured, the developer can configure the relevant processes using BICI Configuration living application and start the creation of the prediction model based on completed cases and then applied on open cases.

The "Operations Management" Living Application is a mobile first -usable on a desktop- UI which displays predictions.


BICI Application

The BICI Application polls data, creates process mining models, and serves protected REST APIs.

BICI Application is secured by https and a security token to only allow requests from Bonita. Calls with other origins are rejected with a 403 (Forbidden) response code.

BICI Storage

It stores BICI data and predictive models, and it relies on Elasticsearch engine.

BICI Configuration Living Application

This Living Application is used to configure the processes and verify that data are up to date in the BICI storage.

BICI Operation Management Living Application

This Living Application is used to:

  • Display case execution information and predictions to the Operation Managers.

  • Provide analytics on executed cases.