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Package and deploy your application

Once you’ve designed an application that interacts with your Bonita process, and declared it in Bonita, it’s time to push your application to production.

Move from Development to Production

Export your application

Once the design is complete, export the application(s) as JSON file from Bonita UI Builder by clicking the export button on the home page. This export will be used for building the production binary.

Export application

Store your application in a workspace folder

Move the exported JSON application(s) in a designated workspace folder. This folder will be referenced during the build process. You can store these applications in a Git repository too.

Build the production binary

To create the production-ready binary, you need to build a Docker image. This image will contain the application(s) and the Bonita UI Builder runtime.

The Dockerfile and more details on how to build the Docker image can be found in this dedicated page.

Run the Docker image

After building the Docker image, run it using the following command:

docker run --name <container-name> <image-name>:<version>

See run production binary page for more details.

Access your Application

Once the Docker image is running, all applications contained in the workspace folder will be:

  • Imported

  • Published

  • Made available for users

Then, these applications can be accessed from the Bonita Administrator Application and the Bonita Application Directory page.


After building and running the Bonita UI Builder, at least one application are missing.

Cause The application is on error and the Bonita UI Builder is not able to import and deploy the application.

Solution Check the log of the bonita-ui-builder container with docker logs <container-name> to find which application is on error. Then fix your application and be sure your export are compatible and a valid JSON.

After building and running the Bonita UI Builder, no application can be seen or found in production.

Cause This is probably due to an error when the application was declared in the Application Descriptor. Bonita UI Builder is therefore unable to find the application’s location.

Solution Ensure the application designed with Bonita UI Builder is declared using the <advancedLink> tag. Then, save and deploy the Application Descriptor by clicking the deploy button in the Studio. Also, make sure the token value is identical to the value of the slug key found in the JSON export of the application. If several slug keys are found in the JSON export, you should take the value of the first slug key.