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Declare the interface in Bonita

This page defines the steps to declare your interface and display it in Bonita.

Declare the interface in Bonita application descriptor

The Bonita application descriptor is a file that let you describe all your applications.

To declare a Bonita UI Builder interface in it, edit it in Studio using the source tab. In this tab, you will be able to declare your application built and packaged with Bonita UI Builder, using auto-completion with an applicationLink XML tag.

Application Descriptor Editor

In this example, the General Overview application is declared with the tag:

     <applicationLink token="appLink" version="1.0" profile="User" state="ACTIVATED">
         <displayName>General Overview</displayName>

There are fewer properties to set for an application link than for a legacy application, but the displayName is still mandatory.

The token property’s value must be identical to the value of the slug key found in the JSON export of your application. For example, if your application name is Awesome application, its slug should be awesome-application.

Once your application descriptor is done, don’t forget to deploy it by clicking the deploy button in the Studio.

Full form edition support will come in a future release.