Release notes

What’s new in 3.5.0

Breaking changes

  • As announced in version 3.4.4, stack and license commands are now removed from the CLI.
    As a result, scenario files must be updated since a lot of parameters are now obsolete and a few remains mandatory (see BCD Scenario reference)

  • For the same reason, openssh-client package was removed from the docker controller image.
    You can re-add this package if needed by building a custom image of the controller.

Sample custom BCD Controller with ssh client

USER root
RUN apt update && apt install -y openssh-client
USER bonita

Technology upgrade

  • java ⇒ 11.0.12+7

  • maven ⇒ 3.8.2


  • chore(deps): bump urllib3 from 1.26.4 to 1.26.5 in bcd-cli

  • feat(bonita): update support for bonita version 7.13.0


System packages

  • openssh-client

  • ttf-dejavu

  • gcc

  • g++

What’s new in 3.4.5


  • chore(deps): upgrade bonita-license to 1.4.2 for better license generation handling.


  • fix(jdk11): fix jdk build failing because of gpg keys

Since BCD 3.4.3, only the two last BCD Controller images are now available on, older images will be removed.