URL customization

You can request to customize your domain to have an URL that uses a domain different from the default one (*.bonitacloud.com).

  • You must own the targeted domain or subdomain and delegate its management to Bonitasoft.

    • Bonitasoft manages the SSL certificate lifecycle (request, validation, and renewal).

Requesting an URL customization

Step 1: Open a case on the Customer Service Center

To request a URL Customization of your Bonita Cloud environments, create a new case on the Customer Service Center. Select Professional Services as the type of request and make sure to provide the following information in your case:

  • The domain (example: mydomain.com) or subdomain (example: subdomain.mydomain.com) to delegate to Bonitasoft.

This request requires you to delegate responsability of the whole domain name (or subdomain) to the Bonita Cloud DNS service. Besides, the same domain (or subdomain) will be applied to all environments.
  • The current and new environment Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) as follows:

Environment Current FQDN New FQDN


Example: customer-name-integration.bonitacloud.com

Example: integration.mydomain.com OR integration.subdomain.mydomain.com


Example: customer-name-preproduction.bonitacloud.com

Example: preproduction.mydomain.com OR preproduction.subdomain.mydomain.com


Example: customer-name.bonitacloud.com

Example: projectname.mydomain.com OR projectname.subdomain.mydomain.com

Continuous delivery

Example: customer-name-cd.bonitacloud.com

Example: cd.mydomain.com OR cd.subdomain.mydomain.com


Step 2: Perform the delegation with low TTL

Bonitasoft will provide the corresponding DNS configuration (Name Servers) to delegate your domain or subdomain.

To limit the time to take DNS changes into account, ensure to minimize the TTL (time to live) of NS entries (300 seconds for example) before delegating your domain to Bonitasoft Name Servers. NS stands for 'name server', it’s the type of the record that indicates which DNS servers are authoritative for that domain.

Step 3: Schedule the change

Bonitasoft will confirm with you a window maintenance to perform this customization. You will have to inform accordingly your end users about that change.

Step 4: Change NS TTL back to a higher value

Once the new URLs are in place, you will be able to change the TTL for the NS record back to a higher value, for example, 172800 seconds (two days). This will improves latency for your users.